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No repairs needed at the engine until now ~60k miles - and  after chatting around Honda forums it seems the engine will last forever.

 This is how the engine looks at 60k - clean and nice!

Honda CB 750 Nighthawk engine

 Click to see the larger image

Except some strange noises from a worn cam chain (which seems to be a quite common problem around 60k miles) the engine is bullet proof miles eater mean machine. During my 2 years of riding on the Nighthawk I really enjoyed the service free hydraulic valve adjuster system - no need to do any routine valve adjustment.

Cam chain
 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk cam chain
 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk tensioner
 Click to see the larger image  Click to see the larger image

The red-line is at 8500 RPM - which makes it a low revving machine with excellent power starting from 3000 RPMs, quite a joy in town where you don't really need a "screaming" engine to turn heads.

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