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My 93' CB750 Nighthawk

CB 750 Nighthawk instruments CB 750 Nighthawk side-view

Gary Apperson's 99' Nighthawk

Gary says: " I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the Honda 750 Nighthawk web page maintenance information.  My name is Gary Apperson and I live in Anchorage, Alaska.  I just bought a black 1999 Nighthawk 750 in great shape. I'm basically retired, but I do teach college courses as an adjunct professor.  And am looking forward to some riding on my Nighthawk after a 30+ year hiatus from riding bikes.  A perfect bike for me. "

Gary Apperson's 99' Nighthawk

Gabriel W's Nighthawk, Mt Prospect, IL, USA

 Hi, I just found your website by chance, was looking for info/help with my own 60k+  CB750, good to see there are others out there, apparently many, who enjoy the bike even at "old age".

CB 750 Rear View CB 750 Side View CB 750 Front View

Wonderful '79 CB750

Found these wonderful pictures with a '79 cb750 on Webshots. The owner says: "This is my New 1979 CB650.This new CB 650 has 11000 miles on it. This is a exact copy of the bike that started my Motorcycle career. I bought my first motorcycle back in Feb 1982. A 1979 CB 650 owned the bike for three years and put 13000 miles on it. "

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by chucksklrst
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